Channel Calendars in Microsoft Teams

Channel Calendars in Microsoft Teams

A lot of excitement was caused by the release of Channel Calendars. I for one was looking forward to this update. The potential of assigning a shared calendar to a team channel and having the ability to schedule meetings and events would have been a very welcomed update.

Much to mine and others disappointment, the Channel Calendar didn’t live up to all it was supposed to be. The calendar did offer some nice new functionality to a team channel but for me, it doesn’t tick all the boxes.

The Channel Calendar allows users to see a scheduled view of channel meetings. You can schedule a channel meeting from within the team channel or from the Channel Calendar. The calendar gives a nice scheduled view of calendar meetings.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to interact with a Channel Calendar. The ability to add non channel meeting events is non existent, something that would of transformed the use of a channel calendar. Access to the calendar seems to be hidden, it doesn’t appear within the teams associated SharePoint site or within the teams Office 365 group, meaning it can’t be added to Outlook as a shared calendar either.

I can see the Channel Calendar being very useful within the education sector, but outside of that, I can’t see it being used an awful lot.

To add a calendar to your team channel simply click on the add tab option and select Channel Calendar from the list of available applications.

Screen cap of the app

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