Microsoft Teams: Dynamic View

Microsoft Teams: Dynamic View

At Ignite 2021 Microsoft announced a new redesign and optimisation to the meeting experience with consuming shared content and the engagement of video and audio.

Users will get a new visual experience within Microsoft Teams, known as Dynamic View. This will enable:

  • Video and audio participants will be shown separately, with audio participants appearing as smaller circles.
  • Shared content will appear larger, with more participants being visible alongside the content.
  • Users can pin or spotlight particular people in the meeting and make them appear larger than other participants.
  • Together mode can be used alongside content.
  • Users can dock the gallery to the top of their screen.
Dynamic view showcase

When will this happen?

This feature will start rolling out in mid-March and should be fully available by the end of March 2021.

You can check the Microsoft Roadmap ID 65943 here.

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