Microsoft Teams: introducing organisation-wide backgrounds (preview)

Microsoft Teams: introducing organisation-wide backgrounds (preview)

We’ve all been in Teams meetings and calls where people have lovely custom backgrounds, I’m sure many of us have even witnessed funny backgrounds. I am also sure our organisation has created corporate backgrounds and made them available for employees to download and apply these backgrounds. Well Microsoft are now making it easy for admins to deploy corporate backgrounds to users within your organisation!

Organisation-wide backgrounds will be available to all in preview mode from April and will be complete by late May.

This feature will require an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available in July 2021. If users do not have an Advanced Communications license, any organisation backgrounds applied during the preview period will no longer be available. For more information regarding Advance Communications licensing please visit this link.

Although this feature will be available to all in the preview period, I would be careful when deploying backgrounds to users across your organisation, as once it goes into the general release you will lose access to the deployed backgrounds as stated above.

Background images can be either PNG or JPG format; they should be no smaller than 360x360px and no larger than 2048x2048px. You can host up to 50 images in your tenant. Admins can upload background via the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

Teams background

To keep up to date with this new feature, visit the Microsoft Roadmap ID 80193.

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