Presenter View in Teams Presentation Sharing

Presenter View in Teams Presentation Sharing

We have all gone to present a PowerPoint during a Teams meeting and wondered what is the best option to choose for presenting. Do we share our full screen, do we share a single application or do we share our PowerPoint file, all these options have their pro’s and con’s but all come with the similar issue of how can I see my presentation notes without showing the notes to all attendees?

Microsoft will be adding a new way to present during a Teams meeting. Once the presenter selects a PowerPoint file from the Teams share tray, the Presenter View is opened automatically. The presenter will see the current slide, the slide notes and a thumbnail strip of all the slides in the deck.

This view is private to the presenter only, attendees will see the PowerPoint presentation view as normal and will not see the presenter view. If another presenter selects “Take Control”, the presenter view will be opened for the second presenter, while the original presenter will be switched to the standard presentation view without access to the slide notes and thumbnail strip.

Please note, to use the new Presenter View you will need to make sure you have enabled the “new meeting experience” in the Teams desktop app settings.

When is it coming?

Rollout of Presenter View in Teams Presentation Sharing will start in mid-January and will be completed by the end of January. For the latest updates, please visit the Microsoft Roadmap ID 68903.

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