Microsoft Teams public preview for end users

Microsoft Teams public preview for end users

Microsoft are launching a public preview program that will allow Microsoft Teams administrators to enable early access to unreleased features in Teams for users in their tenant.

This means administrators will be able to give users access to new features within Microsoft Teams before they are on general release. This is great for internal teams who want to see what’s new before all users do across an organisation, or if like me, you would like to evaluate the features before they are released.

Select the Update policies option

This feature is turned off by default on a global setting. If you want to turn the feature on, you will need to go into the Microsoft Teams admin center and turn the setting on, this is located within Teams -> Update policies. Admins have the ability to create custom policies that allows them to assign the policy to one or more users.

When the policy is turned on by an admin, public preview is not automatically enabled for users. Any users who have this feature turned on will be able to opt in or out to Teams public preview by selecting their profile picture in the top right of the Microsoft Teams application -> select About -> click Public Preview.

This update will being rolling out mid-November and should be completed by the end of November. More info can be found here.

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