Stuck in a continuous login loop with Office 365?

Stuck in a continuous login loop with Office 365?

Recently I have been faced with an issue where a user will log into Office 365 and when they click on an app within O365 they are automatically logged out, the user will then get stuck in a continuous loop of trying to log in and their browser automatically logging them out. This is a very random and strange issue that doesn’t seem to be a user, tenancy, browser or machine specific.

The solution to fix this issue is a fairly easy one, what you need to do is delete the cookies that Office 365 uses. Below is a list of steps to take to remove the cookies from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.


Microsoft Edge

  1. Click on ‘Settings and more’ in the top right-hand corner…



  3. Click on ‘Settings’…



  4. Towards the bottom under ‘Clear browsing data’ click on ‘Choose what to clear’



  5. Tick the boxes you want to clear, making sure you select ‘Cookies and saved website data’ and ‘Cache data and files’ then click on clear…



  7. Close Edge and reopen – your log in problems should be resolved.


Google Chrome

  1. Click on ‘Customise and control Google Chrome’ in the top right-hand corner…



  3. Click on ‘Settings’



  5. Scroll down and click on ‘Advanced’



  7. Scroll down and click on ‘Content settings’



  9. Click on ‘Cookies’



  11. At the bottom, you are given the option to search cookies. Search for office and then click on ‘Remove all shown’…



  12. Close Google Chrome and reopen – your log in problems should be resolved.



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