Yes, I have been at Hable for 12 months

Yes, I have been at Hable for 12 months

Yesterday marked one year since I worked my first day as a Hable employee. In these past 12 months I feel I have developed both personally and professionally. Before joining Hable, I worked as an ICT manager in a primary academy trust and prior to that, a technical manager where I managed a team of technicians supporting local schools in Northamptonshire. When I first joined Hable I continued to work with education customers and worked with some of the top schools, colleges, and universities from across the globe.

I now find myself still working in education, but also working with our commercial, healthcare and government customers. If someone had come to me 12 months ago and told me that in a year’s time, I would be working with the NHS, Parliament or MoJ, I would not have believed them. Now I find myself creating material, training, and helping the likes of Lords, MPs, Doctors, Nurses, and other professionals.

Before I joined Hable, I went through many different questions in my head as it was a big change for me, and my family. But as I sit here 12 months on, I know making the leap to Hable was definitely the right decision and it has been an incredible 12 months. I cannot thank the people around me at Hable enough for the continued support and development that they offer me.

My advice to anyone… if an opportunity arises, go for it. Take that risk and enjoy every minute of it.

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